Kapaligiran: An Anthology of Filipina Nature Writing

BookKapaligiran: An Anthology of Filipina Nature Writing

Kapaligiran: An Anthology of Filipina Nature Writing

Written by the women of Bagong Silangan, QC and Lubao, Pampanga


March 1st, 2022





Twenty-seven women living at the environmental margins of Philippine society share their perspectives on pressing environmental concerns. Their creative writing – in the form of essays, stories, poems, and prose – articulates their particular environmental challenges, appreciations, priorities, and aspirations. They write with inescapable awareness of a changing climate, in the face of a persistent flood hazard, insecure land tenure, inadequate access to vital resources, and the constant strain of a degraded environment. The book honours a rich oral tradition and presents a distinctive form of ‘nature writing’ that speaks to global concerns about degradation and climate change. It is an expression of cultural environmental values at a time when conservation is increasingly framed in the detached language of economics. The creative authors in this anthology make their mark on a long tradition of literary expression that has not historically represented diverse experiences of the natural world, and they offer the global environmental movement a critically important perspective on justice in environmental protection. Their environmentalism is not one that can be expressed on balance sheets through economic valuation; it is one that can only be captured through creative expression. And an environmental movement that concerns itself with inclusive representation, must recognise the value of the perspective they offer.

'An excellent collection and highly original work on the timely focus on nature, ecology and the environment. It will be extremely valuable for both teaching and research.' Professor Rachel Harrison, SOAS

Author Information

Brett Matulis is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Leicester. Jessica Moyer is Principal Strategist at the Frameworks Institute in Washington DC and a former Research Associate at the University of Leicester.