Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History

BookLabour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History

Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History

Number 119


November 30th, 2020





Labour History: a Journal of Labour and Social History is published on behalf of the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History. The journal, which has been appearing twice yearly since 1962, is the premier outlet for refereed, scholarly articles in the fields of social and labour history in Australasia, examining issues such as labour politics, trade unions, management labour practices, co-operatives, gender and ethnicity. The interdisciplinary nature of labour history, and its acceptance of less traditional sources, including folklore and oral testimony, make it a fascinating field, alive to past and present social justice issues. As well as scholarly articles, Labour History also publishes essays, reviews, and memoirs that reflect the involvement of labour historians in the making of history. A special issue about occupational health and safety (OHS), the publication of Labour History 119 coincides with the 50th anniversary of a disaster on the site of the construction of Melbourne’s West Gate Bridge. Labour History is indexed in Cabell's Whitelist and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI).

Author Information

Michael Quinlan is emeritus professor of industrial relations University of New South Wales, visiting professor Middlesex University and adjunct professor, School of History and Classics, University of Tasmania. His major research interest are occupational health and safety and industrial relations history. His books include The Origins of Worker Mobilisation: Australia 1788–1850 (Routledge, New York 2018) and Contesting Inequality and Worker Mobilisation: Australia 1851–1880 (Routledge, New York 2020) and he is currently writing a book on collective action by convict workers with Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart. Sarah Gregson is a labour historian in the School of Management at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. She was a chief investigator in a 2011–14 Linkage project, The Future of Aircraft Maintenance in Australia: Workforce Capability, Aviation Safety and Industry Development and has since co-authored a range of articles and reports on aircraft maintenance work organisation and safety. Other research interests include the West Gate Bridge collapse, labour memorialisation, and the social history of the Titanic sinking. She practices what she teaches as a branch president of the National Tertiary Education Union.