Sounds Senses

BookSounds Senses

Sounds Senses

Francophone Postcolonial Studies, 12


December 1st, 2021





Sounds Senses is about what happens to the francophone postcolonial condition when sound is taken as a point of departure for engaging cultural production. Offering a synthetic overview of sound studies, it dismantles the retinal paradigms and oculocentrism of francophone postcolonial studies. By shifting the sensory hermeneutics of perception from the visual, the textual, and the graphemic to the sonic, the auditory, and the phonemic, the book places cultural production that privileges or otherwise exaggerates æstheticized sensorial experiences at the forefront of francophone postcolonialism. In the process, it introduces two primary theoretical thrusts—the unheard and the unintegrated—to the project of analyzing, extending, and rejuvenating francophone postcolonial studies. The book reevaluates francophone culture in relation to sound and the experience of sound, situating it along the fluid axes of paralingual utterance, audio-vision, voice, and narrative speakers. Through a range of case studies focusing on parafrancophonics, poetry, world music, cinema, the graphic novel, popular speech phenomenæ, and the poetics and politics of transcolonial identification, Sounds Senses demonstrates how francophone postcolonial culture is satiated with a glut of unexplored sonic significance.

Author Information

yasser elhariry, Associate Professor of French at Dartmouth College, is the author of Pacifist Invasions: Arabic, Translation & the Postfrancophone Lyric, and coeditor of The Postlingual Turn and Critically Mediterranean: Temporalities, Æsthetics & Deployments of a Sea in Crisis.