Beyond Trawlertown

BookBeyond Trawlertown

Beyond Trawlertown

Memory, Life and Legacy in the Wake of the Cod Wars

Studies in Port and Maritime History, 2


January 1st, 2022





Beyond Trawlertown takes a journey through the British distant-water fishery and its port-city connections in an era of disruption. In 1976, defeat in the Anglo-Icelandic Cod Wars saw the British trawling fleet excluded from their traditional hunting grounds. Combining with wider global factors, the move brought an end to long-established trawling practices, with profound social, economic and cultural repercussions. Through a case study of the port of Hull, oral history and archival research explore the challenges, responses and legacy of rapid change. Although the emphasis is on Hull, this is far from a local history. Hull’s position among the world leading distant-water pioneers gives the story international significance. Focusing on memory, lived experience and place, the book goes beyond established narratives. Personal acts of remembering offer cultural perspectives on how global events and marine policy impact upon the seafaring communities that live with the consequences. The Cod Wars signaled an end, yet amid the disruption there were also new beginnings. And in the wake of an active fishery, the rhythms of the past continue to resonate in the negotiation of fishing heritage within the contemporary city. Through the convergence of time, place and memory, this holistic narrative of interweaving stories reveals the intricacies of our human interaction with the marine environment and the aftermath when its threads are broken.

'This is a fine piece of work, based on extensive archival and oral history research, which makes an important and original contribution.' 
Dr Graeme Milne, University of Liverpool

Author Information

Jo Byrne is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Blaydes Maritime Centre, University of Hull.

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List of MapsList of FiguresAbbreviationsGlossary of Fishing and Nautical TermsGlossary of Local TermsPreface: Starting the JourneyChapter One: IntroductionChapter Two: Trawling Lives and Culture – A Portrait up to 1976Chapter Three: A New Fishing World OrderChapter Four: Living Through the AftermathChapter Five: New HorizonsChapter Six: The Life and Death of TrawlertownChapter Seven: RemembranceChapter Eight: Beyond TrawlertownAppendicesAcknowledgementsBibliographyIndex