Re-imagining the Italian South

BookRe-imagining the Italian South

Re-imagining the Italian South

Migration, Translation and Subjectivity in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema

Transnational Italian Cultures, 5


October 1st, 2021





This book interrogates the ways in which diverse subjectivities and identities are negotiated and reframed in contemporary Italian Literature and Film set in the South. The author draws on postcolonial critique and the contemporary critical theorization of the Italian South as a border-space and an historic node of cultural encounters to offer detailed analysis of a series of literary and film texts, offering a varied and detailed account of cultural transformation at a local level from a transnational perspective.

Author Information

Goffredo Polizzi is a Researcher at Centro di ricerca e Archivio Autonomo transfemministaqueer Alessandro Zijno (CRAAAZI), Bologna, Italy.