Cathal O’Byrne and the Northern Revival in Ireland 1890-1960

BookCathal O’Byrne and the Northern Revival in Ireland 1890-1960

Cathal O’Byrne and the Northern Revival in Ireland 1890-1960


October 1st, 2006

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In this fascinating book, Richard Kirkland explores the history of Northern Ireland through the biography of oneof its most unusual and talented performers – the legendary musician, IRA activist, poet, and Catholic mystic, Cathal O’Byrne. Both gay and Catholic in Protestant-dominated Northern Ireland, O’Byrne’s circle of friends included the renowned human rights campaigner Roger Casement, the activist Maud Gonne, and the leader of the Easter Rising of 1916, Patrick Pearse. Despite his outsider status, O’Byrne’s work was indicative of major shifts in public opinion, as he moved from Home Rule politics to an eventual commitment to arms during the Irish War of Independence. Kirkland uses the story of O’Byrne’s life to delve into that of his colleagues during the Northern Irish cultural revival, making illuminating connections between the Ulster Literary Theatre, Belfast’s music hall culture, the Casement trial and the devastating Belfast anti-Catholic pogroms of 1920 and 1921, for example. Just as importantly, Kirkland brings to light the hidden history of gay Belfast and the fate of Northern Ireland’s Catholics in this previously neglected period after Partition but before the Troubles.

Cathal O’Byrne is a shamefully neglected figure whose prolific contribution to Irish culture merits far greater recognition. Nevertheless, this beautifully illustrated and diligently researched book does a valuable job in bringing to light a vitally important period in Irish history that has for too long struggled in darkness.
Catherine Morris, Irish Times

Author Information

Richard Kirkland is a Lecturer in Irish literature, King’s College London. Previous publications include Identity Parades: Northern Irish Culture and Dissident Subjects, (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2002) and Moments of Danger: Writing and Culture in Northern Ireland since 1965, (London: Longman Publications 1996)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Half Title4
Preface and acknowledgements10
1 Cathal O'Byrne and the Northern Revival14
2 The political and cultural origins of the Northern Revival39
3 The genres of the Northern Revival64
4 F. J. Bigger and the Ardrigh coterie116
5 1916, partition and the end of the Northern Revival152
6 Roger Casement177
7 Exile, return and the life of a shanachie208
Afterword. The legacy of the Northern Revival244