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Joseph Conrad

A Bibliographical Catalogue of Editions to 1930


September 1st, 2022





David J. Supino traces in unprecedented detail the lineaments of Joseph Conrad’s authorial career and the fortunes (and misfortunes) of his publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. This work is a model of the integrative scholarly method, combining close bibliographical scrutiny of particular textual artifacts with archival recovery of book-historical information in as much detail as the surviving documents allow. The book is essential reading not only for students of Conrad but also for all those who wish to understand the publishing history of this era.

'David Supino’s magnificent volume is a remarkable achievement, building on the expertise he demonstrated in his equally authoritative bibliography of Henry James. This treasure-house of fascinating information, based on painstaking original research, will be a required resource for libraries, scholars and collectors, and an unrivalled point of reference for those interested in the oeuvre of this enduringly important author.'
- Professor Philip Horne, University College London

Author Information

Following highly successful careers in law and banking in the US and UK, David J. Supino now works as a bibliographer.

Table of Contents

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List of Plates
Section A: Principal Works
Section B
B1: The Pamphlets
B2: Plays
B3: Minor Works
Section C: Early Collected Editions
Section D: Tauchnitz Editions
Appendix A: The Publishers of Conrad's Major Works
Appendix B: Conrad in the English Catalogue of Books 1895-1930
Appendix C: A Note on Currencies and Worth