Inventory Of Diderot's Encyclopédie: Plates

BookInventory Of Diderot's Encyclopédie: Plates

Inventory Of Diderot's Encyclopédie: Plates

With a Study of the Contributors by John Lough

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 223


January 1st, 1984



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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page4
Copyright Page5
Table of Contents6
Preface and acknowledgements10
General considerations12
The place of the manual arts in the encyclopedie scheme12
The original plans for the plates14
Problems raised by the expansion of the plates project15
The final arrangement of the plates16
The aims of the inventory17
Essay on the relation of the plates, articles, and explications18
The articles18
The volumes of plates20
More of the internal history of the plates22
Other varieties of letterpress material with the plates25
Problems of attribution, particularly regarding Diderot29
The plates and the problem of attribution of the unsigned articles32
The physical production of the plates: the craftsmen and artists33
Etching, engraving, and printing34
The designs41
Designers and engravers43
lnventory of the plates46
Part I: Description of the plates48
The original edition49
Cens us of the plates52
Collation of volumes l-XI54
Volume I54
Volume II55
Volume III55
Volume IV56
Volume V57
Volume VI58
Volume VII59
Volume VIII59
Volume IX60
Volume X61
Volume XI61
The supplementary volume of plates (XII)62
The plates of the 'Geneva' edition64
Main check points for identifying the 'Geneva' edition69
Part II: Comprehensive inventory of the plates70
Key to the use of the inventory70
Volume I72
Volume II89
Volume III106
Volume IV120
Volume V138
Volume VI158
Volume VII174
Volume VIII189
Volume IX203
Volume X216
Volume XI228
Volume XII (Supplément)237
Part III: Index of articles containing references to the plates250
Key to the use of the index250
Volume I251
Volume II258
Volume III274
Volume IV281
Volume V290
Volume VI297
Volume VII302
Volume VIII309
Volume IX313
Volume X319
Volume XI326
Volume XII331
Volume XIII338
Volume XIV343
Volume XV348
Volume XVI352
Volume XVII358
Volume I360
Volume II363
Volume III370
Volume IV375
Part IV: Index of abjects depicted in the plates382
Key to the use of this index382
Abbreviations used in the index384
Part V: Index of contributors to the plates468
Key to the use of the index468
Errata and addenda for volumes I-VI of the Inventory478
General table of contents for volues l-VI488
The Contributors to the Encyclopédie492
1. The contributors to the Encyclopédie497
2. The contributors to the Supplément531
3· Notes on the contributors to the Encyclopédie542
4· Notes on the contributors to the Supplément569