Sedaine, Greuze and the Boundaries of Genre

BookSedaine, Greuze and the Boundaries of Genre

Sedaine, Greuze and the Boundaries of Genre

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 380


May 1st, 2000





This volume reinterprets the work of the dramatist Michel-Jean Sedaine and the artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze, in the context of their innovative engagement with discourses of genre in eighteenth-century France, and in the light of new archival evidence. It reveals the complexity and audacity of both men's work, and restablishes the less well-known as a figure of major importance.

'Ledbury’s book makes delightful reading for anyone interested in eighteenth-century France. It holds some fascinating surprises, for example the relative conservatism of Diderot in his conceptions of genre, and the influence of both Sedaine and Greuze on that most classical of all artists, the painter Jacques-Louis David.'
- The French Review