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David Lodge

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June 1st, 1995



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David Lodge is internationally celebrated as a novelist and critic, and, more recently, as a writer for television. This study examines his work from The Picturegoers (1960) to Therapy (1995). There are chapters on Lodge’s early, mainly realistic, fiction; on his trilogy of campus novels, Changing Places, Small World and Nice Work; and on his interest, sometimes light-hearted, sometimes deeply serious, in Catholicism, notably in How Far Can You Go? and Paradise News. Lodge’s practice as a novelist has been paralleled over the years by his work as a literary critic and theorist who is keenly interested in fictional form. There is an account of his critical writing, and the study concludes with an assessment of Lodge’s achievement as a best-selling novelist with intellectual interests in criticismand theology, who has successfully brought together observant realism, metafictional consciousness and dazzling comedy.


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Bernard Bergonzi is Emeritus Professor of English, University of Warwick where he held the Chair and was Pro-Vice Chancellor. He has written many works of academic criticism as well as a novel. Among his recent books are Exploring English (1990), and Wartime and Aftermath (1993). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.