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December 31st, 2006



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During a writing career from the Restoration (1660) to the so-called Glorious Revolution (1688-9) Aphra Behn was prolific in all the commercial genres of her time and treated the most controversial issues of her day - sexual and cultural difference, slavery, politics and money. This study brings together an analysis of the full range of her work in poetry, prose and drama, approaching the texts in terms of their treatment of finance, sexuality and politics. As well as giving full textual and contextual analysis of her best-known plays and prose – The Rover, Oroonoko, Love Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister - it offers extended treatment of plays such as The Lucky Chance and The City Heiress in relation to the sexual and national politics of the Restoration and offers criticism of Behn’s hitherto relatively neglected political and erotic poetry.


About The Author

Sue Wiseman teaches English Literature at the University of Warwick