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January 1st, 2004



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Philip Larkin is one of the finest English poets of our time. His poetic personality – nostalgic, wry, melancholy, ironic, witty and haunting – has appealed to a far wider audience than that of literary specialists, while also winning the respect of leading critics and fellow poets. Lerner’s study relates poetry to Larkin’s life, and to the literary and social environment of post-war Britain; discusses the Larkin persona, and Larkin’s relation to literary criticism; and above all seeks to guide readers to a full appreciation of the power and subtlety of Larkin’s best poems.

About The Author

Laurence Lerner was Professor of English at the University of Sussex and then at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. His many publications include nine volumes of poetry, three novels and numerous critical works including Love and Marriage (1979), The Frontiers of Literature (1988) and a new edition of Philip Larkin (2005) also in the Writers and their Work series.