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December 1st, 2010



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Iain Sinclair has a growing reputation as a novelist and writer of documentary non­-fiction. This study covers his major works, but also seeks to trace the connections between the writings and his earlier books of poetry. Indeed, it traces the intertextual curve of Sinclair’s entire oeuvre, and demonstrates that its unity lies in the very desire to make connections between disparate cultural experience, for example between the context of avant garde poetry that Sinclair emerged from, and the world of pulp fiction that he has negotiated as a book dealer and an editor.


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Robert Sheppard is Senior Lecturer in Writing Studies and English at Edge Hill University, Liverpool. He is also a published poet, previous collections include Daylight Robbery (Srtide, 1990), Killing Boxes (Ship of Fools, 1992) and Empty Diaries (Stride, 1998).