Hitos de la poesía peruana, siglo XX

BookHitos de la poesía peruana, siglo XX

Hitos de la poesía peruana, siglo XX


October 1st, 1997





The twentieth century has seen an impressive flourishing of Peruvian poetry, making it one of the richest in Latin America. This book is based on a series of in-depth readings of the work of a dozen outstanding figures – Eguren, Vallejo, Moro, Westphalen, Adán, Eielson, Belli, Varela, Cisneros, Hinostroza, Verástegui and Sánchez León. At the same time, these readings form part of a general study which, viewing Peruvian poetry as a process, examines the principal tendencies of the period spanning the 1920s and 1970s and relates it to the major literary movements of modern times and to Peru’s socio-political history.