Hervé Guibert

BookHervé Guibert

Hervé Guibert

Voices of the Self

Modern French Writers, 4


March 1st, 1999



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This is the first full-length study to cover the complete texts of Hervé Guibert (1955–1991), offering a thorough documentation of his literary output. The book is guided by Guibert’s relation to the novel, a major line of enquiry throughout, as well as his experimentation with voices in particular. One of Boulé’s main contentions is that Guibert arrives at the creation of a new literary genre, the roman faux, with the publication of his best-known work To the Friend who did not save my life. The book ends by considering the works Guibert produced after he was diagnosed as HIV positive, within the parameter of the voices of the self.

About The Author

Jean Pierre Boule is Professor of Contemporary French Studies at Nottingham Trent University.