Testing the Water

BookTesting the Water

Testing the Water

Young People and Galleries


November 1st, 2000





Tate Liverpool has established a reputation for its approach to youth audience development through Young Tate, a programme for young people aged between 14 and 25. This collection of essays, which responds to a growing demand for information about relationships between galleries and their young audiences outside formal education, reflects on Tate Liverpool’s role in creating a workable strategy for sustainable youth programming. Issues addressed include gallery and museum education, ethnography, cultural studies and exhibition and gallery management practice.


Table of Contents

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Chapter 1
Story: Young People and Art Galleries
Case Study: Ten Things People Say about the Experience of Art Galleries and Ten Changes Young People Ask of Art Galleries – Jane Elliot
Essay: With Visitors in Mind: The Museum with Permeable Walls – Toby Jackson
Chapter 2
Story: Setting the Scene 1989-1994
Case Study: Youth Arts Weekend, September 1993 – Naomi Horlock
Essay: Beyond L’Amour de l’Art: Youth, Cultural Democracy and Europe – Ullich Kockel
Chapter 3
Story: Learning Curve
Case Study: Memories of the Young Tate Advisory Group – Soraya Lemsatef
Essay: Museums, Galleries and the Business of Consulting with Young People – Sara Selwood
Chapter 4
Story: Working with Young People
Case Study: Two-day Summer Project, July 1995 – Gary Clarke
Essay: Integrated Management – Gaby Porter
Chapter 5
Story: Curating with Young People
Case Study: Working with Curators: Comments from Young Tate Display Group Members
Essay: Opening Up the Curatorial Space – Lewis Biggs
Chapter 6
Story: Taking on More
Case Study: BBC Radio Merseyside’s Young Tate Debate
Essay: Learning in Art Museums: Strategies of Interpretation – Eilean Hooper-Greenhill
Chapter 7
Story: Taking Stock
Case Study: Young Tate Web-site – Liza Lemsatef
Young Tate Workshop Leaders’ Training Course – Emilia Eriksson, Anitha Darla
Essay: The Shape of Things to Come? – David Anderson