Euripides: Heracles

BookEuripides: Heracles

Euripides: Heracles

Aris & Phillips Classical Texts


September 1st, 1996



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A new translation of one of Euripides' most neglected plays which takes as its subject the figure of Heracles and explores the nature of heroism and myth by portraying the story of the murder of his own wife and children. In treating this act the dramatist explores the boundaries of madness and Hercles' painful emergence from this state to a bitter realisation of what he has done. A further contrast is drawn between the callous gods who cause the madness and the caring and loving support of human friends and remaining family. This edition attempts to bring out the human and qualities in the play and to defend its structure and dramatic power. The parallel Greek text is that of the new Oxford text with additional introduction, commentary and bibliography.

About The Author

Shirley A. Barlow was Lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies, University of Kent at Canterbury. Her publications include editions of Euripides' plays Heracles and Trojan Women for the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series, and 'The Imagery of Euripides' (Bristol Classical Press, 2008).