Vicente Blasco Ibanez: The Holding (La Barraca)

BookVicente Blasco Ibanez: The Holding (La Barraca)

Vicente Blasco Ibanez: The Holding (La Barraca)

Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics


January 1st, 1993





This passionate and moving story of social injustice, violence and revenge, set in the Valencian huerta, has become the classic text of Spanish regional realism. Blasco Ibanez, the 'Spanish Zola', dramatically confronts one of the great social issues of the late nineteenth century, the possession of land, in a vivid recreation of the local types and traditional customs of a closed rural community which jealousy guards its rights and administers its own rough justice against the outsider. The novel is both a lyrical hymn to nature and an expose of man's inhumanity to man, narrated with a human compassion worthy of his master, Galdos. Spanish text with facing-page translation, introduction and notes.

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