Prize and Prejudice

BookPrize and Prejudice

Prize and Prejudice

Privateering and Naval Prize in Atlantic Canada in the War of 1812

Research in Maritime History, 11


December 1st, 1997



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This journal examines privateering and naval prizes in Atlantic Canada in the maritime War of 1812 - considered the final major international manifestation of the practice. It seeks to contextualise the role of privateering in the nineteenth century; determine the causes of, and reactions to, the War of 1812; determine the legal evolution of prize law in North America; discuss the privateers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and the methods they utilised to manipulate the rules of prize making during the war; and consider the economic impact of the war of maritime communities. Ultimately, the purpose of the journal is to examine privateering as an occupation in order to redeem its historically negative reputation. The volume is presented as six chapters, plus a conclusion appraising privateering, and seven appendices containing court details, prize listings, and relevant letters of agency.