Harbours and Havens

BookHarbours and Havens

Harbours and Havens

Essays in Port History in Honour of Gordon Jackson

Research in Maritime History, 16


December 1st, 1998



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This book is a collection of ten essays concerning various aspects of ports, port towns, and port history, by means of tribute to the maritime historian, Gordon Jackson. The volumes begins with an appreciation of Gordon Jackson’s career, and concludes with a bibliography of his published work. The first four essays concern British ports - Hull, Liverpool, and Dumfries in particular - and the remaining six concern international ports - a wide range stretching across the ports of Fremantle, Yokohama, Dubai, and Bremen. The essays cover topics such as politics and port management; port development throughout history; post-war port development; individual case studies; the construction of artificial ports; and port policies.


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