Virginia Woolf and the Natural World

BookVirginia Woolf and the Natural World

Virginia Woolf and the Natural World

Clemson University Press: Woolf Selected Papers


June 1st, 2011



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Virginia Woolf and the Natural World is a compilation of thirty-one essays presented at the twentieth annual international conference on Virginia Woolf. This volume explores Woolf's complex engagement with the natural world, an engagement that was as political as it was aesthetic. The diversity of topics within this collection—ecofeminism, the nature of time, the nature of the self, nature and sporting, botany, climate, and landscape, just to name a few—fosters a deeper understanding of the nature of nature in Woolf's works. Contributors include Bonnie Kime Scott, Carrie Rohman, Diana Swanson, Elisa Kay Sparks, Beth Rigel Daugherty, Jane Goldman, and Diane Gillespie, among many others from the international community of Woolf scholars.

Author Information

Kristin Czarnecki is Associate Professor of English at Georgetown College. Carrie Rohman is Assistant Professor in English at Lafayette College.