The Voice of the Heart

BookThe Voice of the Heart

The Voice of the Heart

The Working of Mervyn Peake's Imagination

Liverpool English Texts and Studies, 48


September 1st, 2006

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The works of Mervyn Peake have fascinated readers for sixty years. His Gormenghast sequence of novels – recently serialized to great acclaim by the BBC – stands as one of the great imaginative accomplishments of twentieth-century literature. In The Voice of the Heart, G. Peter Winnington, the world’s foremost expert on Peake, sets his subject’s fiction in context with the poetry, plays and book illustrations which are less well known. He traces recurrent motifs through Peake’s works (islands, animals, and loneliness, for example) and explores in detail Peake’s long-neglected play, The Wit to Woo. Through close readings of all these elements of Peake’s oeuvre, Winnington is ultimately able to offer unparalleled insight into one of British literature’s most vibrant imaginations.

About The Author

G. Peter Winnington teaches English at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the editor of the journal Peake Studies and the author of 'Vast Alchemies: The Life and Work of Mervyn Peake'.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
Abbreviated references and editions quoted9
Works cited12
1: Heart19
2: Solitude42
3: Islands70
4: Animals93
5: Love123
6: Birds144
7: Identity165
8: Evil185
9: Perspective206
10: Voice233
11: Mr Pye255
12: Theatre277