The Athenian Constitution Written in the School of Aristotle

BookThe Athenian Constitution Written in the School of Aristotle

The Athenian Constitution Written in the School of Aristotle

Aris & Phillips Classical Texts


July 17th, 2017



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This book is an edition of the Athenian Constitution, the only one to survive of 158 Constitutions written in the school of Aristotle in the fourth century B.C., of which a text on papyrus was found at the end of the nineteenth century. Based on an edition commissioned by the Fondazione Lorenzo Valla in Italy, it provides an introduction, a re-edited Greek text with a facing translation, and a commentary. The editor has been engaged with this text throughout his working life, and published a large commentary on it in 1981 and a Penguin Classics translation of it in 1984: since then scholarly advances have continued, and he has been able to take advantage of them to bring the material in this book up to date. The translation aims at an accurate rendering of the Greek text; the commentary is based on the translation, and should be accessible to readers with little or no knowledge of Greek.

'An ideal book for undergraduate and graduate students of ancient history [as] it includes an English translation, focuses on the historical and historiographical aspects and is more affordable than the large commentary.'
Gertjan Verhasselt, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

About The Author

P. J. Rhodes was Professor of Ancient History and is now Honorary Professor and Emeritus Professor at the University of Durham. He is the author of four volumes of Thucydides Histories in the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series, as well as two volumes on the Athenian Constitution. His many other publications include A History of the Classical Greek World, 478 – 323 B.C. (2005; 2nd ed. 2010); Greek Historical Inscriptions, 404 – 323 B.C. (with R. G. Osborne, 2003) and Greek Historical Inscriptions, 478 – 404 B.C. (with R. G. Osborne, 2017). He was President of the Classical Association from 2014-15 and awarded the Chancellor’s Medal, University of Durham, in 2015.