John Arderon’s De judiciis urinarum

BookJohn Arderon’s De judiciis urinarum

John Arderon’s De judiciis urinarum

A Middle English Commentary on Giles of Corbeil’s Carmen de urinis in Glasgow University Library, MS Hunter 328 and Manchester University Library, MS Rylands Eng. 1310

Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies


June 17th, 2020



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A synoptic edition of the English version of John Arderon’s De judiciis urinarum containing the commentary on Giles of Corbeil’s Carmen de urinis as preserved in Glasgow University Library, MS Hunter 328, from the early 15th century, and Manchester University Library, MS Rylands Eng. 1310, from the 16th century. The English version of De judiciis urinarum is a detailed uroscopic treatise instructing the mediaeval practitioner on the examination of urine with twenty colours and eighteen to nineteen contents, incorporating colour descriptions, diagnoses, medicines and information about urinary contents. The present edition offers the semi-diplomatic transcription of these hitherto unedited texts, accompanied by a glossary, notes and introduction, the latter containing the textual transmission of the text, a codicological/palaeographic description together with the analysis of the scribal language. The present edition will be useful as a primary source for research not only in Historical Linguistics but also in other related fields such as the History of Medicine or Ecdotics.

'This book will be most welcome to historians of medieval medicine by providing an accessible and careful transcription of a rare text. It will be an excellent tool… especially when accompanied by photographs of the manuscript.'

E. Ruth Harvey, Speculum

Author Information

Javier Calle-Martín is Senior Lecturer in English Linguistics at the University of Málaga (Spain). His research interests are Historical Linguistics and Manuscript Studies, focusing on early English documents on the History of Medicine. He is also the leading researcher of a project for the electronic edition of hitherto unedited late Middle English and early Modern English scientific prose. Dr Calle-Martín has been the editor of the Middle English version of De viribus herbarum in MS Hunter 497 (2011) and the remedy-book in MS Wellcome 542 (2013).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
1. Introduction17
1.1. Authorship17
1.2. The English version of De judiciis urinarum19
1.3. Uroscopic authorities22
1.4. The language25
1.4.1. MS Hunter 32827
1.4.2. MS Rylands 131028
1.5. Codicology31
1.5.1. Ownership31
1.5.2. Material, dimensions and ink31
1.5.3. Quiring and collation32
1.5.4. Fly-leaves33
1.5.5. Ruling33
1.5.6. Binding34
1.6. Palaeography35
1.6.1. Letterforms35
1.6.2. Marginalia38
1.6.3. Punctuation38 MS Hunter 32839 MS Rylands 131042
1.6.4. Emendations48
1.6.5. Abbreviations49
2. Text55
2.1. Editorial conventions55
2.2. Synoptic edition57
2.3. English translation of Giles de Corbeil’s Carmen de urinis in MS Hunter 328129
3. Glossary139
3.1. Conventions139
4. References187