Global Markets

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Global Markets

The Internationalization of the Sea Transport Industries since 1850

Research in Maritime History, 14


October 18th, 2017

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This book is concerned with the role played by the sea transport industries in the development of global markets. It claims that the sea transport industry in fundamentally intrinsic to the political and economic interactions between nations. It seeks to demonstrate that the elements of shipping, internationalisation, and globalisation are intertwined. The purpose of this journal is to trace the development and examine the consequences of globalisation as it relates to maritime history. The four main issues under consideration are:- information networks and cooperation in transoceanic shipping; the expansion of markets; technological change; and the adaptability of entrepreneurs, institutions, and nation states to changing business environments. Geographically, the focus of the contributing essays splits between Europe and Japan.

Author Information

David J Starkey is Professor of Maritime History and Director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull.

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Table of Contents
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"International Freight Markets in the 1830s and 1840s: The Experience of a Major Finnish Shipowner"21
"The First (and Very Secret) International Steamship Cartel, 1850-1856"49
"Competition or Co-operation in the Global Shipping Industry: The Origins and Impact of the Conference System for British Shipowners before 1914"73
"National Alliances and Global Webs: The Internationalization of Japanese Shipping"101
"Dutch Sea Transport in Transition: The German Hinterland as Catalyst, 1850-1914"123
"The Expansion of American Interests in Transatlantic Commerce and Trade, 1865-1893"147
"The Expansion of Japan's Shipping Interests before the Sino-Japanese War"169
"Cooperation and Reorganization on the North-South Routes from Japan in the Interwar Period"183
The Global Communications Industry and Its Impact on International Shipping before 1914215
"The Nineteenth-Century Roots of Globalization: Some Technological Considerations"237
"The Global Fish Market: Internationalization and Globalization, 1880-1997"259
"Convergence or National Styles? The Japanese Challenge to the British-Norwegian Hegemony in the Twentieth- Century Whaling Industry"279
"International Trends and Greek Shipping: The Business Strategy of Demetrios Moraitis, 1893-1908"305
"Organizational and Managerial Patterns of Greek- Owned Shipping Enterprises and the Internationalization Process from the Interwar Period to 1990"323
"Internationalization and the Collapse of British Shipbuilding, 1945-1973"339
"Globalization and International Competitiveness: The Experience of the Japanese Shipping Industry since the 1960s"375
"Containerization and the Globalization of Liner Shipping"405