Revisioning French Culture

BookRevisioning French Culture

Revisioning French Culture

Studies in Modern and Contemporary France, 4


November 7th, 2019



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Revisioning French Culture brings together a remarkable group of leading intellectuals and scholars to explore new avenues of research in French and Francophone Studies. Covering the medieval period through the twenty-first century, this volume presents investigations into a vast array of subjects. Revisioning French Culture grapples with topics vital to the contemporary cultural landscape, including universalism, globalization, the idea of Francophonie, and religious and secular identity. This essay collection furthermore transcends and illuminates the contemporary by delving into matters that have long resonated in the humanities and letters, such as death, war, trauma, power and politics, notions of the truth, conceptions of the self, and modes of reading and writing. With contributions by a number of figures known across the humanities and the social sciences, Revisioning French Culture provides cultural, political, and historical context for the crisis facing democracy and liberalism around the world today. These essays were assembled in honor of Lawrence D. Kritzman, whose writing and editorial work in French studies inspired the wide-ranging themes examined here.

Author Information

Andrew Sobanet is Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. He is the author of 'Generation Stalin: French Writers, the Fatherland, and the Cult of Personality'.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
I. France in Perspective: The Hexagon, Francophonie, Europe23
1. The Metamorphosis25
2.Historicizing French Universalism: The Case of Jewish Emancipation39
3. Universalisms and Francophonies53
4. A European Culture Exists78
II. Visions of the World Wars, or L'Histoire avec sa grande hache87
5. Death Drives: Freud and Proust89
6. Foreigners and Strangers: Jews in French Society and Literature between the Two World Wars97
7. Bernard Frank and Patrick Modiano: Jewish Writers108
8. Beckett’s French Resistance117
III. Refractions and Reflections131
9. Between Acceptance and Betrayal: Sarah Kofman’s Rue Ordener, rue Labat133
10. In the Shadow of the Iron Curtain: The Photo Album and the Francophone (Dis)connection145
11. Osnabrück Station to Jerusalem165
IV. French Literature, Revisioned179
12. Mallarmé Médiéval181
13. What’s in a Word? Language, Philosophy, and Satire in Troubadour Poetry195
14. Rousseau’s Late Botany: Living to the End221
15. Mallarmé’s Gardens of Culinary Delights237
16. The Book, Inside and Out247
V. The Subject in Focus259
17. Internal Senses and the History of the Western Subject261
18. The Author’s Afterlife: What is a Posthumous Truth?271
19. What Happens When I Read280
VI. Philosophical Lenses 297
20. ‘African philosophy’: The History of an Expression299
21. Making History or Preventing the World from Unraveling311
22. Philosophy and Contemporary Reality323
23. Jacques Derrida’s Pedagogical Imperative for the Sciences338
VII. Coda353
24. For Lawrence Kritzman355
25. To Larry Kritzman357