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Miscellany / Mélanges

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 267


January 1st, 1989

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Table of Contents
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New Jacobite songs of the Forty-five8
The abbé Dubos and the historical defence of monarchy in early eighteenth-century France84
Voltaire and Poland: the historical works110
Against Voltaire: an unfavourable view of the philosopher-poet among the French expatriates in Berlin126
Edward Young's criticism of Voltaire in Resignation 1761, 1762134
D'Argens éditeur de Julien146
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: the Corsican connection206
From the part to the whole: nature and machine in Rousseau's Rêveries224
Identifying Helvétius's London landlord,Egidius Augustinus Van Coppenolle238
An Irish friend of Helvétius identified, with an unpublished letter252
Male bonding and female isolation in Laclos's Les Liaisons dangereuses260
The first operatic versions of Pamela280
Supplemént à I'Inventaire de la correspondance de d'Alembert290
Of exploration and exploitation: the New WorId in later Enlightenment epic298
Intrigues et cabales ministérielles à la fin du règne de Louis XV: l'exil du chevalier d'Arcq328
Lien social et ordre politique chez Cabanis360
Littérature portugaise et Lumières: la contribution des voyageurs français408
France in the 1780s seen byJoseph and Anna Francesca Cradock428