Transactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment

BookTransactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment

Transactions of the First International Congress on the Enlightenment

[Volume IV]

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 27


December 31st, 1963

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Le Passé, le goût, et l'histoire8
Diderot as the transmitter of Shaftesbury's romanticism20
Prévost: de l'ombre aux lumières(1736 - 1746)42
Beccaria'sEssay on Crimes and Punishments in eighteenth-century America52
La Nostalgie: théories médicales et expression littéraire68
Lumières et politique82
Rousseau's contemporary reputatzon in France108
The Enlightenment and Wales in the z8th century138
The Influence ofthe Enlightenment upon eighteenth-century British antiquartes,1750-1800156
The Law of continuity in the eighteenth century182
Art crittcism ln the Enlightenment202
Candide's garden and the Lord's vineyard220
The Historical philosophy of the Enlightenment230
Voltaire and the rise of Russian drama252
The People in eighteenth-century tragedy from OEdipe to Guillaume Tell266
Les Provinces- Unies vues par Voltaire278
Rivarol ou les incompréhensions de l'exil286
The Reason of the English Enlightenment298
The Influence of the 'enlightened' philosophy of history on Scandinavian political thought338
La Franc-maconnerie en France jusqu'en 1755350
Enlightenment and German-Jewish Haskalah1380
The Influence of Bacon on the philosophes412
The Development and scope of Diderot's political thought434
Addison and Steele in the English Enlightenment464