Post-Millennial Palestine

BookPost-Millennial Palestine

Post-Millennial Palestine

Literature, Memory, Resistance


February 1st, 2021

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Post-Millennial Palestine: Literature, Memory, Resistance confronts how Palestinians have recently felt obliged to re-think memory and resistance in response to dynamic political and regional changes in the twenty-first century; prolonged spatial and temporal dispossession; and the continued deterioration of the peace process. Insofar as the articulation of memory in (post)colonial contexts can be viewed as an integral component of a continuing anti-colonial struggle for self-determination, in tracing the dynamics of conveying the memory of ongoing, chronic trauma, this collection negotiates the urgency for Palestinians to reclaim and retain their heritage in a continually unstable and fretful present. The collection offers a distinctive contribution to the field of existing scholarship on Palestine, charting new ways of thinking about the critical paradigms of memory and resistance as they are produced and represented in literary works published within the post-millennial period. Reflecting on the potential for the Palestinian narrative to recreate reality in ways that both document it and resist its brutality, the critical essays in this collection show how Palestinian writers in the twenty-first century critically and creatively consider the possible future(s) of their nation.

Author Information

Rachel Gregory Fox is a Lecturer in World Literature at Queen Mary, University of London. Ahmad Qabaha is an Assistant Professor in Postcolonial and Comparative Literature at An-Najah National University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Notes on Contributors11
Foreword: Under ‘Suffering’s Glow’: Palestinian Writing after Oslo15
Part I: Palestinian Archives: Catastrophe, Exile, and Life Writing43
1. Late Style as Resistance in the Works of Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, and Mourid Barghouti45
2. A ‘Rich Fabric of Some Sort, Which No One Can Fully Comprehend [or] Fully Own’: Levantine Remains in Memoirs by Edward Said, Jean Said Makdisi, and Wadad Makdisi Cortas61
3. The Exile’s Memory and the Chronotope in Ghada Karmi’s Return: A Palestinian Memoir81
4. Snapshots of Solidarity: Anthologizing Palestinian Life Writing97
Part II: Palestinian Aesthetics: Icons, Haptics, and Palimpsests115
5. Confronting the Mythic? Najwan Darwish and Post-Millennium Palestinian Poetry117
6. Enduring Palestine: Haptics, Violence, and Affect in Adania Shibli’s Touch133
7. ‘I Can Only Get There Now on the Rafts of Memories’: Palimpsestic and Genealogical Memories in Susan Abulhawa’s Novels149
Part III: Palestinian Horizons: Endings and Beginnings, or Taking Flight167
8. Killing God to Find Palestine ‘after the End of the World’ in Adania Shibli, Mahmoud Amer, and Maya Abu al-Hayyat169
9. Unfinished Work187
10. Wingwomen: Towards a Feminocentric Poetics of Flight in Twenty-First Century Palestinian Creative Consciousness205
Works Cited223