TransVisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality (Volume 3)

BookTransVisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality (Volume 3)

TransVisuality: The Cultural Dimension of Visuality (Volume 3)

Purposive Action: Design and Branding


September 1st, 2021



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In a contemporary and ever-changing society, ‘the visual’ has become a dynamic element that traverse all parts of current life all over the world – what in this book series is termed transvisuality. The present book is volume 3, which attempts to study the visual as it comes about: through the dynamic involvement in all sorts of articulations. The topics are in all volumes covered by introductions bring everything together under the new theme of transvisuality: the notion of visual as a cultural practice and constant dynamic that knows no representational limits and no framings. In this volume, the visual is seen as dynamic new and nonrepresentational matter – a ‘flesh’ which is researched from the particular vantage points of design of the visual and branding of the visual. In dialogue with radical new theories of the present, non-representational theory and new materialism, design and branding are surveyed from the viewpoint of business research, design studies, cultural studies, and practice – all focused on the visual. Topics covered are fashion blogging, DIY, Junk Space, handmade signage and public spaces in New Delhi, city branding, dance festivals and youtubing, visual branding in China and Multi-Sensory Retrieval Methods.

Author Information

Anders Michelsen is Associate Professor of Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen. Frauke Wiegand is PhD fellow in Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen. Tore Kristensen is Professor of Strategic Design at Copenhagen Business School.