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Prevenge (2016) is an entertainingly dark 21st-century horror movie detailing the serial killing journey of heavily pregnant Ruth. It’s a cleverly crafted narrative full of stark social commentary, traversing the delicate line between comedy and tragedy by fusing together a kitchen sink approach with a supernatural revenge plot. This book, as part of the Devil’s Advocates series, examines how the film deconstructs the slasher mythology and the sexism therein, and upends stereotypical representations of the ‘weak’ woman and ‘delicate’ mother. With new exclusive input from writer, director and star Alice Lowe, the text also looks at the production’s inception and development, assesses its debts to cult British cinema, and inspects its umbilical connections to Rosemary’s Baby, Alien, Village of the Damned and many other ‘Monstrous Child’ silver screen features.

'Andrew Graves offers a suitably appreciative, perceptive celebration of a movie that never wanted to be pigeonholed for the sake of its commercial prospects... This concise, engaging DEVIL’S ADVOCATES monograph is... a witty, insightful read that will inspire you to revisit Lowe’s glorious back catalogue.'
Steven West, FrightFest

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Andrew Graves is a freelance writer and film tutor. He has previously written Welcome to the Cheap Seats: Silver Screen portrayals of the British Working Class for Five Leaves and is currently working on a book about Ben Wheatley’s A Field in England. He is co-host of Mondo Moviehouse: The Weird World Cinema Podcast, and he has written for a number of publications including Scream Magazine, Diabolique, We Belong Dead, Network on Air, and contributed to blu ray releases from 88 Films, Second Sight, Eureka Masters of Cinema and Arrow Academy.