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A Gallery to Play to

The Story of the Mersey Poets


February 1st, 2008



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A Gallery to Play to is an intimate account of the lives and careers of the poets Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten. With unparalleled access to the three writers, Phil Bowen has written an indispensable book for anyone interested in poetry, popular culture and society over the last forty years.

'A warm, well-written and unpretentious account of three good men…'
Adrian Mitchell

'Highly enjoyable, accurately descriptive and very well researched…'

George Melly

'Gives a real sense of real people and their and our real and recent poetic roots.'  
Poetry Review

Poetry Review

'Written with verve, style and great personal insight.'
D. M. Thomas

'… a masterclass in how to write a group biography – elegantly written taking us on an imaginative tour of the streets of Liverpool and the sounds of 1960s/1970s.'
The Generalist, May 2016


About The Author

Phil Bowen is a poet and playwright. His previous collections include Variety’s Hammer.