Cities on the Edge

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Cities on the Edge


November 1st, 2008





Captured through the lenses of some of the leading names in photography, Cities on the Edge provides a fascinating insight into six of the world’s most ‘edgy’ cities. Published to coincide with ambitious international ‘Cities on the Edge’ cultural programme, Davies and his hand picked team of photographers provide an incredible visual journey through six cities sharing common cultural, historical, social and economic ties (Liverpool, Naples, Marseilles, Istanbul, Gdansk, Bremen). They are all ports, cities with great histories, cities which have battled with their capital cities over many centuries, cities famous for their creativity, humour, distinctiveness, love of football. They are also cities which are sometimes considered by their countrymen to be difficult and unruly. Beautiful, unnerving and often stark but always striking, Cities on the Edge is a visually stunning tale of six beautifully and contradictory cities placing their complicated histories in context with their place in the ‘New Europe’.