A Runner Among Falling Leaves

BookA Runner Among Falling Leaves

A Runner Among Falling Leaves

A Story of Childhood


November 1st, 2001

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In this memoir of his childhood, O’Driscoll eloquently examines his troubled relationship with his father, whose bullying and mental abuse have affected him profoundly throughout his life. The task the author has undertaken is to give voice to the voiceless: to express the unnerving pent-up emotions he was unable to express as a child. In A Runner among Falling Leaves, O’Driscoll has written a book that is lyrical, affecting, and at times darkly comical.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
1: Defining moments9
2: Mother and child schemers25
3: The great sliced pan in the sky39
4: The sea-area forecast58
5: Wave-therapy77
6: Otherworldly eyes91
7: Words and music115
8: The toughening133
9: Rites and teens154
10: One sweet note170