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Africa in Europe

Studies in Transnational Practice in the Long Twentieth Century

Migrations and Identities, 2


January 16th, 2013



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This volume explores the lives and activities of people of African descent in Europe between the 1880s and the beginning of the twenty-first century. It goes beyond the still-dominant Anglo-American or transatlantic focus of diaspora studies to examine the experiences of black and white Africans, Afro-Caribbeans and African Americans who settled or travelled in Germany, France, Portugal, Italy and the Soviet Union, as well as in Britain. At the same time, while studies of Africans in Europe have tended to focus on the relationship between colonial (or former colonial) subjects and their respective metropolitan nation states, the essays in this volume widen the lens to consider the skills, practices and negotiations called for by other kinds of border-crossing: The subjects of these essays include people moving between European states and state jurisdictions or from the former colony of one state to another place in Europe, African-born colonial settlers returning to the metropolis, migrants conversing across ethnic and cultural boundaries among ‘Africans’, and visitors for whom the face-to-face encounter with European society involves working across the ‘colour line’ and testing the limits of solidarity. Case studies of family life, community-building and politics and cultural production, drawing on original research, illuminate the transformative impact of those journeys and encounters and the forms of ‘transnational practice’ that they have generated. The contributors include specialist scholars in social history, art history, anthropology, cultural studies and literature, as well as a novelist and a filmmaker who reflect on their own experiences of these complex histories and the challenges of narrating them.

1. The volume is one of very few to cover the African/Black experience in Continental Europe. 2. The volume includes accounts of (and by) white as well as black ‘Africans’, highlighting the unstable and negotiable identities generated by colonialism and post-colonial arrangements. 3. By contrast with competing volumes of essays in Black European Studies, most of the chapters present detailed case studies by experts in their respective disciplines based on new research. 4. The volume addresses questions of method in the study and representation of complex, transnational histories, and includes essays by practitioners that reflect on ways of narrating complexity in fiction and film. 5. The volume includes work by both new researchers and established scholars in the field.

This bold and imaginative collection of essays makes a highly valuable contribution to the ongoing scholarly project of recovering the history of ‘black’ presence in Europe. ... Africa in Europe is the first in the Liverpool University Press series ‘Migrations and Identities’: its reach and ambition have set the bar high.

Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies, 4.2 Autumn

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Eve Rosenhaft is Professor of German Historical Studies, University of Liverpool. Dr Robbie Aitken is Senior Lecturer in History, Sheffield Hallam University.

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