Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 5

BookPolin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 5

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry Volume 5

New Research, New Views

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, 5


January 1st, 2008



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This volume focuses on Polish Jews in Germany; Zionism in Poland; and art and architecture. More specifically, this latter section considers the physical impact of the Jewish presence in Polish towns-in general, and in Gora Kalwaria, home to the Gerer hasidic dynasty; there is also a map of synagogue buildings still standing in 1988 and an inventory showing their current use, and an illustrated article on recent Jewish monuments in Warsaw. Several of the remaining articles relate to Polish or Yiddish literature. Contributors: Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska, Jozef Adelson, Mark Baker, Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski, Eleonora Bergman, Andrzej S. Ciechanowiecki, Artur Eisenbach, John P. Fox, Jedrzej Giertych, Joseph Goldstein, Karel Grunberg, Jan Jagielski, Stanislaw Jankowski, Paul Latawski, Krystyn Matwijowski, Jadwiga Maurer, Moshe Mishkinsky, Israel Oppenheim, Adam Penkalla, Maria and Kazimierz Pietchotka, Krzysztof Pilarczyk, Tomasz Polanski, Laura Quercioli-Mincer, Chone Shmeruk, Laurence Weinbaum


Author Information

Antony Polonsky is Emeritus Professor of Holocaust Studies, Brandeis University, and Chief Historian of the Global Education Outreach Program at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. His three-volume history the Jews in Poland and Russia (2010–12), also published by the Littman Library, was awarded the Pro Historia Polonorum Prize of the Polish Senate for the best book on the history of Poland in a language other than Polish.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page4
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Editors and Advisor7
Contents 8
Statement from the Editors16
Art and Architecture18
Eleonora Bergman, Góra Kalwaria: The Impact of a Hasidic Cult on the Urban Landscape of a Small Polish Town18
Maria and Kazimierz Piechotka, Jewish Districts in the Spatial Structure of Polish Towns47
Eleonora Bergman and Jan Jagielski, The Function of Synagogues in the PPR, 1988 63
Stanisław Jankowski, Memory: The New Monuments commemorating the Struggle and Martyrdom of the Jews of Warsaw73
Polish Jews in Germany92
Józef Adelson, The Expulsion of Jews with Polish Citizenship from Bavaria in 1923 92
John P. Fox, Reichskristallnacht 9 November 1938 and the Ostjuden Perspective to the Nazi Search for a 'Solution' to the Jewish Question 109
Karol Grünberg, The Atrocities Against the Jews in the Third Reich as seen by the National-Democratic Press (1933–39)138
Zoonism in Poland149
Joseph Goldstein, The Beginnings of the Zionist Movement in Congress Poland: The Victory of the Hasidim over the Zionists? 149
Israel Oppenheim, The Ideological Background to the Hehaluts Movement in Russia and Poland in the 1920s: Parallels and Divergences166
Laurence Weinbaum, Jabotinsky and the Poles191
Chone Shmeruk, Yiddish Literature and Collective Memory: The Case of the Chmielnicki Massacres 208
Jadwiga Maurer, The Omission of Jewish Topics in Mickiewicz Scholarship 219
Artur Eisenbach, The Polish Interfaith Alliance228
Mark Baker, The Reassessment of Raskala Ideology in the Aftermath of the 1863 Polish Revolt256
Moshe Mishkinsky, Polish Socialism and the Jewish Question on the Eve of the Establishment of the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland (SDKP) 285
Laura Quercioli Mincer, A Voice from the Diaspora: Julian Stryjkowski308
Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska, Poles and Poland in I. B. Singer's Fiction323
Letter from Jędrzej Giertych to the Editor of Polin, Oxford (Extracts)338
Paul Latawski, The Dmowski-Namier Feud: A Reply to Giertych346
Documents 362
Adam Penkalla, The 'Przytyk Incidents' of 9 March 1936 from Archival Documents 362
Krzysztof Pilarczyk, International Symposium on the bibliography of Polish Judaic documents, Kraków, 5–7 July, 1988395
Krystyn Matwijowski, The Conference 'Studies on the History of the Jewish inhabitance of Silesia', Wrocław, 10–11 July 1988399
Review Essays 401
Tomasz Polański, The History of Towns and Burghers in Pre-Partition Poland 401
Andrzej S. Ciechanowiecki: The 'Genealogical Sketches' of Kazimierz Reychman 407
Władysław Bartoszewski, German Photographic Documentation of Jewish Ghettos in Poland 420
Władysław Bartoszewski, Four Jewish memoirs from occupied Poland 424
Book Reviews 429
Dieter Fettke, Juden und Nichtjuden im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert in Polen. Soziale und okonimische Beziehungen in Responsen Polnischer Rabbiner by Janusz Tazbir 429
Andrè Nèher, Jewish Thought and the Scientific Revolution of the sixteenth century: David Gans (1547–1673) by Lionel Kochan 431
Menasseh Ben Israel, The Hope of Israel by Lionel Kochan 431
S. A. Goldberg, Les deux rives du rabbok: la maladie et la mort dans le Judaisme ashkenaze by Daniel Tollet 432
Y. Jacobson, La pensée hassidique by Daniel Tollet434
Robert Wistrich, The Jews of Vienna in the Age of Franz Joseph; Norbert Kampe, Studenten und 'Judenfrage' im Deutschen Kaiserreich: Die Entstehung einer akademischen Trägerschicht des Antisemitismus; Conditio Judaica. Judentum, Antisemitismus und deutschsprachige Literature vom 78. Jahrhundert bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg by Peter Pulzer 402437
Artur Eisenbach, Emancypacja Żydów polskich 1785–1870 na tie europejskim by R.F. Leslie440
Michael Stanislawski, For Whom Do I Toil? Judah Leib Gordon and the Crisis of Russian Jewry by Eli Lederhendler 443
Nikolai S. Leskov: The Jews in Russia: Some Notes on the Jewish Question by Heinz-Dietrich Löwe446
Józef Chlebowczyk, Między dyktatem, realiami a prawem do samostanowienia by Jakub Basista448
William O. McCagg Jr, A History of Habsburg Jews 1670–1918 by Michael Hurst450
Hillel J. Kieval, The Making of Czech Jewry. National Conflict and Jewish Society in Bohemia, 1870–1978 by Jerzy Tomaszewski 455
Norman L. Kleeblatt, The Dreyfus Affair: Art, Truth, and Justice by Geoffrey Cubitt 458
Kamil Barański, Przeminęli Zagończycy, chliborobi, chasydzi ... Rzecz o ziemi stanisławowsko – kołomyjsko – stryjske by Jerzy Tomaszewski461
Konrad Kwiet (ed.), From the Emancipation to the Holocaust. Essays on Jewish Literature and History in Central Europe by Michael Burleigh462
Nacham Tamir (ed.), Polish Jewry before the Holocaust by Jerzy Tomaszewski464
Jerzy Ficowski (ed.), Letters and Drawings of Bruno Schulz by Richard Weihe465
Michael R. Marrus, The Holocaust in History by Franklin Bialystok467
Arno J. Mayer, Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? The Final Solution in History by Norman Stone470
Michael Burleigh, Germany Tums Eastwards. A Study of 'Ostforschung' in the Third Reich by Anna Bramwell 472
Gerard Silvain, La question juive en Europe 1933–1945 by Jerzy Kłoczowski 474
Ernst Klee, 'Euthanasie' im NS-Staat. Die 'Vemichtung lebensunwerten Lebens by Michael Burleigh 475
Ernst Klee, Was sie taten- Was sie wurden. Ärzte, Juristen und andere Beteiligte am Kranken- oder Judenmord by Michael Burleigh 478
Hamburger lnstitut fü Sozialforschung (ed.), Die Auschwitz-Hefte. Text der polnischen Zeitschrift 'Przeglrąd Lekarski' über historische, psychische und medizinische Aspekte des Lebens und Sterbens in Auschwitz by John P. Fox 481
Yitzhak Arad, Bełżec, Sobibór, Treblinka. The Operation Reinhard Death Camps; Yitzhak Arad, Yisrael Gutman, Abraham Margalion (eds) Documents on the Holocaust. Selected Sources on the Destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria, Poland, and the Soviet Union by John P.Fox 483
Michał Grynberg (ed.) Pamiętniki Z getta warszawskiego. Fragmenty i regesty by Adam A. Hetnal 485
Abraham Lewin, A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto by Michael R. Marrus 488
Zofia S. Kuhar, Double Identity. A Memoir by Janina Bauman 491
Bruno Shatyn, A Private War: Surviving in Poland on False Papers. 1941–1945 by Andrzej Bryk 493
Carol Rittner, RSM and Sondra Myers (eds), The Courage to Care. Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust by Teresa Prekerowa 495
Otto Dov Kulka, Paul R. Mendes-Flohr (eds), Judaism and Christianity Under the Impact of National Socialism John P. Fox 497
Gal-ed. On the History of Polish Jews Volume IX by Mark Baker 499
Emanuel Meltzer (ed.), Gal-ed Volume X by Lionel Kochan 502
George E. Berkley Vienna and its Jews: The Tragedy of Success, 1880–1980s by Steven Beller 503
Adam Bromke, The Meaning and Uses of Polish History by Zdzisław Najder 505
Więź No. 333–334 by Antoni Pospieszalski506
Znak No. 396–397 by Antoni Pospieszalski 509
Ghitta Sternberg, Stefanesti. Portrait of a Romanian Shtetl by Harvey E. Goldberg 512
Witold Tyloch, Judaizm by Rabbi Dow Marmur 514
Susan Sarah Cohen (ed.), Antisemitism. An Annotated Bibliography Volume I by John P. Fox 516
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Letters to the Editors 521
Contributors 523
Obituary 528