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Studying TV Drama



May 25th, 2010



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Graduate students of media studies have benefited from a variety of books on television genres, yet lower level students lack resources that focus specifically on TV drama. With this genre now dominating this area of study, it is important for students to have a text that investigates and analyzes individual dramas in detail. Studying TV Drama meets this need. Divided into ten chapters, this general introduction begins with the history of UK TV drama, with a specific section on shows broadcast in the U.S. The remaining nine chapters are case studies of specific TV dramas, addressing the significance of the dramatic mode in the development of the genre and in the history of '"television entertainment" in general; content and narrative structure; representation; dramatic style and form; and technical analysis (camera, sound, editing, mise-en-scène). Chosen case studies are very selective and focus on contemporary and continuing drama likely to be familiar to students (such as Dr. Who) as well as landmark productions (such as Bleak House). US drama as a particular mode is represented by the Hugh Laurie vehicle, House. The dramas selected also represent differences in production style, allowing for diverse analyses.
Michael Massey served as head of media education at Southgate School and is a regular contributor toMediaMagazine.