Readings in the Cantos

BookReadings in the Cantos

Readings in the Cantos

Volume 1

Clemson University Press: The Ezra Pound Center for Literature Book Series, 3


April 11th, 2018



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The project as a whole represents a landmark publication for modernist studies, bringing together, in a ground-breaking format, a number of critical readings of The Cantos by the world’s leading Pound and modernist scholars. In each chapter a contributor approaches either a single Canto or a defined small group of Cantos in isolation, providing a clear, informative, and interpretive ‘reading’ that includes an up-to-date assessment of sources and an idea of recent critical approaches to the work. Most importantly, each essay offers guidance to those wishing to understand the works while contributing to the creation of a new manner of reading The Cantos as a remarkably diverse but coherent work. This first volume illuminates the gestation of the Cantos-technique and includes essays on the most important Cantos and groups of Cantos from the Ur-Cantos (early, discarded versions of the beginning of Pound’s poem), A Draft of XVI Cantos (1924),A Draft of the Cantos 17–27 (1928), and Eleven New Cantos XXXI–XLI, also known as “Jefferson—Nuevo Mundo,” (1934).


'The essays are clearly written and will be helpful both to those making their initial approach to The Cantos and to those who have lived with Pound’s poems for some time.'
G. Grieve-Carlson, Choice

Author Information

Richard Parker is an academic, editor and poet. He teaches English and American literature at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He has written a series of critical prose on twentieth-century poetry, with a particular emphasis on American modernism and the New American Poetry. He has edited two volumes of essays on Ezra Pound and is currently working on a monograph on the modernists during the 1960s. He is also working on sports literature, the history of the book and numerous other topics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1. The Ur-Cantos 25
2. Canto 149
3. Canto 259
4. Canto 473
5. Canto 589
6. Canto 7101
7. Canto 8111
8. Canto 11125
9. Canto 12137
10. Canto 13151
11. Cantos 14–15161
12. Canto 17171
13. Cantos 18–19181
14. Canto 20203
15. Canto 21217
16. Canto 25229
17. Canto 26243
18. Canto 29253
19. Canto 30265
20. Canto 32279
21. Canto 35289
22. Canto 36301
23. Canto 37313