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Please note that if your enquiry is regarding Historic England useful contacts are:

  • General

    General Enquiries

    Website customer service and enquiries

Managing Director

  • Anthony

    Anthony Cond

    Managing Director

Book Commissioning and Proposals

  • Alison

    Alison Welsby

    Editorial Director & Senior Commissioning Editor

    History & Art History
  • Chloe

    Chloe Johnson

    Senior Commissioning Editor

    Modern Languages & Postcolonial Studies
  • Clare

    Clare Litt

    Senior Commissioning Editor

    Classics & Medieval Studies
  • Christabel

    Christabel Scaife

    Senior Commissioning Editor

    Literary Studies & Irish Studies, LUP Dublin office
  • Emma

    Emma Burridge

    Publishing Coordinator & Commissioning Editor
  • John

    John Atkinson

    Senior Commissioning Editor

    Auteur Publishing

Partner Presses

  • Greg

    Gregory Brown

    Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment

    Commissioning Editor
  • John

    John Morgenstern

    Clemson University Press

    Managing Director
  • Connie

    Connie Webber

    The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization

    Managing Editor

Sales and Marketing

  • Jennie

    Jennie Collinson

    Head of Sales and Marketing

    Including E-Library sales
  • Heather

    Heather Gallagher

    Books Marketing Manager

    Modern Languages
  • Jan

    Janet McDermott

    Trade Marketing Manager
  • Catherine

    Catherine Pugh

    Books Marketing Executive

    History, Art, Heritage & Landscape
  • Lydia

    Lydia Osborne

    Books Marketing Executive

    Literature, Poetry, Jewish Studies
  • Jessica

    Jessica Thompson

    Sales Administrator


  • Clare

    Clare Hooper

    Head of Journals
  • Megan

    Megan Ainsworth

    Journals Publishing Executive
  • Moira

    Moira Reid

    Journals Marketing Assistant
  • Kirsten

    Kirsten Poole

    Journals Subscription Manager
  • Katharine

    Katharine Easterby

    Marketing and Subscriptions Administrator


  • Pat

    Patrick Brereton

    Head of Production
  • Katherine

    Katherine King

    Senior Production Editor
  • Ally

    Ally Lee

    Production Editor


  • Justine

    Justine Greig

    Finance Director
  • Karen

    Karen Phair

    Finance Assistant
  • Lisa

    Lisa Whittick

    Management Accountant
  • Roshanna

    Roshanna Stuart

    Finance Assistant
  • Charlotte

    Charlotte Woodworth

    Management Accountant - Maternity Cover