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Hughes, Vivien;Laberge, Yves;Scott, Tracie Lea;Coulter, Rebecca Priegert;Hawkins, Richard A.;Davies, Megan J.;Buckner, Phillip;Mann, Jatinder;McCahey, Daniella;Wilson, William;Bird, Eleanor;Berrada, Ibrahim;Collins, Jeffrey;Turgeon, Luc;Denis, Claude;Hallsworth, Alan;Skeet, Charlotte;Smith, Will;Flanagan, Luke;Quirt, Maggie;Minenko, Mark;Chapman, Rosemary;Howells, Coral Ann;Sousa, Lisandra;Pietropaolo, Cristina;Knowles, Katie;Singh, Shraddha A.;Dey, Mahesh Kumar;Heneghan, Judith
British Journal of Canadian Studies

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