Modern Believing

Methodological Musings of an un-Sufi-sticated Scholar

Modern Believing (2019), 60, (1), 29–38.


Abstract: This article recasts comparative religions in light of queer sufi pedagogies and decolonial methods to consider the improvisatory nature of a black queer theology. By considering the resonances between the organic multi-religiosity of black queer sufi practices and what Laurel Schneider and Catherine Keller call polydoxy, this article ponders the resonances between multiple religions by decentring Christianity. Attention is given to how the alternate sensibilities and practices found in black queer sufi practices of thought ground decolonial strategies of delinking the production of knowledge from the assumed boundaries of Christian theology and secular philosophy. Instead, an embodied mode of thinking is offered as a way forward.

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Shahar, Zaynab