Modern Believing

Folk Religion: Is Churchmanship Really an Attitude Predictor?

Modern Believing (2002), 43, (2), 22–31.


This study uses factor analysis to examine the role that self-defined churchmanship plays in clergy attitudes towards folk religion. A research instrument - The Clergy Attitude Scale (CAS) - was employed to develop an earlier qualitative instrument used by the 1987-1990 Rural Church Project. The CAS was administered to 61 Anglican clergy in the Diocese of Bath and Wells. The data show that while clergy are clear about their churchmanship, the accepted view that ecclesial ideology is predictive of attitudes towards folk religion, its beliefs, praxis, and adherents, is far less predictable than many have assumed. The findings have important implications for missiology and the way in which clergy understand non-church religiosities in postmodernity.

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Walker, Geoffrey