Quaker Studies

Short Notices

Quaker Studies (2019), 24, (2), 359


Short Notices

This feature highlights books of potential interest to Quaker studies scholars. Titles include non-traditional academic publications, books from local publishers, interesting mentions of Quakers and data-centred texts. We are happy to hear from readers about additional texts that might be included in future (email r.i.wynter@bham.ac.uk).

C. F. Carswell, Man and the Quakers: A Case-study of the Experiences of Early Quakers in the Isle of Man, Leicester: Troubador Publishing Ltd., 2019.

John N. (Jake) Ferris, Benjamin Ferris: A True Renaissance Man (Father of Delaware History, Quaker Leader, Architect and More), Cambridge City, IN: Kids at Heart Publishing & Books, 2019.

John Gaunt Hunter, The Beginning of Tomorrow: Call to the North – Churches Working Together in Mission, Durham: Sacristy Press, 2019.

Index of Pendle Hill Pamphlets: 1934–2018, Wallingford, PA: Pendle Hill Publications, 2019 edition.

Peter Laserjohn, Two Hundred Years of Blue River Quarterly Meeting, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2019.

Emily W. Skinner, Until We Sleep Our Last Sleep: Emily Millikan Blair: My Quaker Grandmother’s Diary of Faith and Community, Amid Depression and Disability, Emily W. Skinner, 2019.

John Stuttart, The Turbulent Quaker of Shaftesbury: John Rutter (1796–1851), Gloucester: Hobnob Books, 2018.

Robert Tittler (ed.), Two Weather Diaries from Northern England, 1779–1807: The Journals of John Chipchase and Elihu Robinson, London: Boydell & Brewer, 2019.

Diane Wordsworth, A History of Cadbury, Barnsley: Pen and Sword Books, 2018.