Architectural records in architectural museums: the Museum of Finnish Architecture

Comma (2009), 2009, (1), 159–162.


The Museum of Finnish Architecture was founded in 1956. The Museum had its origin in a collection of photographs of Finnish Architecture compiled by the Association of Finnish Architects since 1949. Today the collection contains more than 400, 000 drawings representing more than 500 architects. It has been augmented by donations, primarily from architects themselves. The drawing collection of the museum differs from that of other archives; is not a museum of construction but a museum of architecture as an art form with an acquisition policy which centres on the artistic quality of the architecture. But today, this policy is in transition. Collections already acquired on the basis of the policy are filling up the available space. At some point materials already acquired will have to be weeded, and in the near future the archive will face yet another challenge in deciding how to deal with materials that exist only electronically.

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Keinänen, Timo