The postcolonial provinces

Francosphères (2012), 1, (1), 53–68.


If Paris is constantly being reinvented as a (post)colonial métropole, doing so inevitably adds to the historical conflation of Paris with France. Using examples from contemporary literature and film, this article calls for a remapping of France's postcolonial geography which would take into account the significance of the French provinces: those regions which are not part of Paris or its (in)famous banlieues. Thus, looking away from the nation's capital and into French regional specificities, this article insists on the necessity to reassess the representation of postcolonial France, not only to add depth and texture to the ways in which we understand experiences of migration and postcolonial identity, but also to reflect on the potential postcoloniality of the French regions as they contribute to the ever-evolving definition of Frenchness.


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Moudileno, Lydie