Town Planning Review

The effectiveness of settlement planning: town planning norms and standards in the CMEA countries: a comment

Town Planning Review (1990), 61, (4), 413


TPR, 61 (4) 1990 PAVEL N. DAVIDENKO The effectiveness of settlement planning Town planning norms and standards in the CMEA countries* This article looks at the question of applying norms and standards to the formulation of planning projects and .the establishment of settlements, and the role of norms in regulating land use at the local level. It analyses the structure and make-up of normative documents in'European countries, and also looks at the sphere of applying town planning norms. It throws more light on the experiences of socialist countries and reveals the tendencies towards perfecting the normative approach to the solving of town planning problems, the need for a science-based normative basis differentiated according to the level of the aims involved-national, regional and local norms, the degree of detail of which increases from the highest level to the lowest. It points out the need to reduce the general quantity, and also the severity, of planning norms and their replacement by better decision-making methods. In addition, there is a need for norms which will secure the safety of the population, the stability of buildings, and fulfil ecological and sanitary-hygienic demands, and these norms will have to be closely observed. This article has been largely compiled from material received from a number of European countries within the framework forthe preparations for the Seminar on the Effectiveness of Settlement Planning, but also draws on the results of cooperation between the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA) countries and on published sources. Town planning norms and standards are used to varying degrees in all European countries, particularly at the local planning level. While objectives vary, the use of norms is, in many cases, recognised as useful, provided that they are adapted to specific climatic conditions and take account of local circumstances. There is an important link between town planning norms and social planning and, in *Thediscussion paper (HBP/SEM.43/R.3) on which this article is based was prepared by the author as a rapporteur at the Seminar on the Effectiveness of Settlement Planning organised by the UNEconomic Commission for Europe, Committee on Housing, Building and Planning and held in London, 23-27 October 1989. It thus reflects the Mid-1989 position in the countries discussed. 413 Copyright (c) 2005 ProQuest Information and Learning Company Copyright (c) Liverpool University Press

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Davies, H. W. E.