Going global : Developing globally harmonised software specifications for records

Comma (2008), 2008, (2), 71–77.


The need for good e-recordkeeping systems has been recognized since the 1990s. The production of international standards on which to base such systems has been a notable achievement; however it has been difficult for software vendors to produce one internationally-compliant product. On the initiative of the National Archives of Australia, a team drawn from the ICA and the Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative developed a single, globally-harmonised statement of requirements that could be used as the basis for developing or revising jurisdiction-specific requirements. A main objective was to produce a statement of requirements fit for the purposes and realities of less wealthy countries. The three main ‘modules’ are (1) an overview document and statement of principles; (2) high-level requirements and guidelines for ERMS software; and (3) guidelines and requirements for managing records in business systems. This last allows organizations to manage records within existing business systems rather than creating records in one application and managing them as records in a separate ERM application.

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Cunningham, Adrian