The Indexer: The International Journal of Indexing

Windows 8: what’s better, what’s worse

The Indexer: The International Journal of Indexing (2013), 31, (1), 33–35.


On 29 November 2012, Kamm Schreiner posted on his blog ( a review of Windows 8, an operating system (OS) which like almost all OSs which have gone before it has aroused some enthusiasm but rather more shock and horror amongst dyed-in-the-wool users (including the indexing fraternity) of its predecessors. Myths and misunderstanding always abound. In his review Kamm explores (and in some cases explodes) the myths and misunderstandings building up around Windows 8. This is a slightly edited version of the 29 November review, which Kamm has followed up with a series of supplementary articles looking in more detail at particular aspects of the new system.

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Schreiner, Kamm