Catalan Review


Catalan Review (2018), 32, (1), 1–2.


THE 16TH COLLOQUIUM OF THE NORTH AMERICAN CATALAN SOCIETY EDGAR ILLAS INTRODUCTION T his cluster collects some of the papers that were originally presented at the 16th Colloquium of the North American Catalan Society (NACS). This selection went through a peer-review process prior to publication. The 16th Colloquium, which was held on May 18–20, 2017, at Indiana University, Bloomington, brought together over sixty scholars from North America and Europe. The papers presented examined multiple aspects of Catalan language, culture, politics, urbanism, media, and history. The colloquium also included two keynote lectures. Professor Sebastiaan Faber (Oberlin College) presented on “Memory Battles of the Civil War: Catalan Lessons for Spain,” and writer and poet Jaume Subirana (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) presented a lecture titled “Building with Words: The Symbolic Space of Writers in Contemporary Catalan Culture.” Three roundtables complemented the program: one on “Secessionism and the State: Violence in a Non Violent Conflict”; one on “Teaching Catalan as a Foreign Language in US Universities”; and one on “The Afterlife of Translation: Here’s the Book, Where Are the Readers?” The NACS Colloquium is the most important academic event in the field of Catalan Studies in North America. Each colloquium has not only energized Catalan Studies by providing a precious space for dialogue and recognition but also has represented a step forward in multiple directions. For instance, the 15th Colloquium, in Barcelona in 2015, which gathered over 160 scholars, writers, artists, filmmakers, and translators, represented a great success in terms of interdisciplinarity and comprehensiveness. Perhaps the most significant value of the 16th Colloquium in Bloomington was the high percentage of young scholars who were joining our academic community for the first time. Their presence was indicative of the growing magnitude of Catalan Studies and the gradual professionalization of the NACS. Correspondingly, the papers in this special issue attest to the vitality and openness of our field. The topics include: Margalida Pons’s study on the role Catalan Review XXXII (2018), 1–2

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