Catalan Review

La Recepció Del Teatre Català Contemporani a Polònia

Catalan Review (2009), 23, (1), 297–305.


The presence of Catalan theater in Poland and its reception in this country have changed considerably during the course of the past decade. Based mainly on reviews, the article shows how often Catalan drama has appeared on the Polish stage and how it has been received, focusing primarily on the 1990s and on present times but also recalling major theatrical events of the past. The text also treats the problem of stereotypes to which Catalan culture has been subjected in Poland, since international audiences are often unaware of the cultural diversity of the Iberian Peninsula, and even serious publications tend to recall clichés about Spain when dealing with so-called "minority cultures." The availability of Polish translations of Catalan plays has undergone change, as well. The Polish theater festival circuit, in addition to official Catalan institutions, has played a role in building relations between theaters from different countries and cultures.

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Starchurska, Agnieszka